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     MuOnlineWebs  V2.1.1

  • *Added Announce Module
  • *Added Register Castle Siege from Website module
  • *Added Facebook Popup api
  • *Added Guides System
  • *Added Chaos Castle Ranking
  • *Added Weekly Chaos Castle Ranking / Rewards and settings
  • *Added Custom GuildScore on Rankings
  • *Added Give Auto hof rank option for Weekly Event Winners
  • *Changed Webshop read data from SQL to json file parse
  • *Added Auto listing Banned chars while banned in game
  • *Added Rules managment
  • *Added Maps Managment
  • *Added Character Class Managment
  • *Fixed Reset Skill Tree
  • *Added Castle Siege register period option
  • *Added Castle Siege  register permission option to Allow any member or only guild masters
  • *Added Vip Title Options. Now you can setup your own Vip names

     MuOnlineWebs  V2.1

  • * Added Mass Mail system on Admin-Cp
  • * Added Webshop item import module from Server files (Item.txt, Itemlist.xml etc)
  • * Added XML,txt to json item convert 
  • * Added Pentegram Item Info
  • * Added Errtel Item Info
  • * Added Pentegram Item Support in Webshop
  • * Added Errtel Item Support in Webshop
  • * Added sort by Master Level config on admin-cp for rankings
  • * Added display Char info on/off config on admin-cp
  • * Recoded Multi Language System
  • * Added Pre-Defined sql column and tables on installition
  • * Added Event Timer on site 
  • * Added Timezone List on Server Managment
  • * Added Clear Resets or only required config option on GrandReset Settings
  • * ADDED CHARACTER-MARKET System with configs 
  • * Added Basic Server settings and automated item configs on installition
  • * Added Custom Title (Name) for Credits and Wcoin

     MuOnlineWebs  V2

  • *Added Ban Manager
  • *Added GameMaster Panel
  • *Added GameMaster Manager
  • *Added Votereward settings
  • *Added Exchange Time module
  • *Added Server Time Localtime Module
  • *Added Dashboard online users
  • *Added Dashboard vip users
  • *Added Dashboard credits rank
  • *Fixed and updated change details module(change email, nickname etc)
  • *Added fix warehouse zen function (will deject auto if warehouse zen bugged)
  • *Added Ip search ability on admin cp search account
  • *Added Search ip,character addons on admin search
  • *Added ip logs (including multidb servers)
  • *Added install script
  • *Added Upgrade Item option module
  • *Added Add/Upgrade Item Harmony module
  • *Added template switch select in admin cp
  • *Added Black Template
  • *Added Season-X Template
  • *Added WebShop
  • *Added My Card module
  • *Added Harmony/Socket Managment in Admin CP
  • *Added Webshop Managment in Admin CP
  • *Added Item Category Managment in Admin CP

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