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GrozaWorld Continent awaits you to be conquered!
Server with unique ideas for unique players! Games is waste of time like someone says, but not here! Server comes with a nice community and administration! In this server have a nice system to collect WCoins, GPoints and more... You can reach everything with your hands and cash out some real money.


Server Opening 22 June 18:00 Server Time.
Join us!
Basic Information:
Version: Season 9
Experience: X40-x70
Maximum Level: 730
Soul + Luck 80%
, Without Luck 60%
Spots: All maps, huge spots 5-7mobs
Resets: Non reset server
WCoins: can be obtained from Boss, Events. (Kundun, Selupan.. etc)
GPoints: can be obtained from boss, items like Golden Box, Silver box...Goblin Points: 1gp/minute.

There are no Item Shop, just CashShop (X) in game.
Character Achievements Reward system: Check in the account panel.

Account vote system every month: 1st: 1000, 2nd: 850, 3rd: 700, 4th: 550, 5th: 400 [€ Coins]
Boost items in Account panel > My Vault, each option cost € Coins (max 3 options)

Game Commands:
Grand Reset: /gresetGlobal chat: /post.
Add Stats: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd.Clear
PK: /pkclear.OffLevel: /offlevel (required vip level).
Warehouses: /ware 0, 1 and etc.
Custom Store: /offtrade (offline mode, wcoins only).

Chaos Machine rates: Jewel of Soul: 60% (No Luck);
Items +Luck: 25%;
Create Chaos Weapon: 100%
Item Upgrade (+10 - +15): 75%, 75%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%
Wings (Level1, 2, 2.5, 3): 100%, 90%, 70%, 60%

WCoins reward from bosses:
Kundun 7 - 30wc
Red Dragon - 10wc
Death King - 10wc
Erohim - 20wc
Balgass - 20wc
NightMare - 20wc
Selupan - 30wc
Medusa - 30wc
Golden Kundun - 30wc
Lord Silvester - 30wc

All information and answers is in our Discord!

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