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TerminalMU | Season 12 IGCN| x25| 30% Drop | Good Spots | Hard server | Opening 1 July

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About us! Welcome to TerminalMU MuOnline fantasy role-playing game based on the legendary continent of MU
low-rate server in rebirth mode, focused especially for lovers of the official OGM platform, 
for the best game mode, the real game to win. 
From the original content, our vision is exclusive to the game, 
the introduction of our own modifications and innovations. 
We offer a variety of resources where players are the same, without an online store. 
Our server can work without problems 24/7, together with an anti-DDoS system and professional anti-cheats. 
We strive to have a stable server that suits the interests of all MUONLINE players around the world

Basic Info
web Site
- Exp 25
- Drop 30%
- Server UP 24 / 7
- Points Level 5/6/7/7
- Level reset: 400 
- System reconnect & offlevel plugin
- Auto party: Enabled
- Create DL, MG, RF, GL, SUM, RW level 1
- Reconnection Sytem 100%


Darkness Battle
Laberinto de las dimensiones
Acheron Guardian
Arka War
Arena Survival
Battle Soccer
Evento Bonus
Blood Castle
Castle Siege
Chaos Castle
Cherry Blossom
Christmas Invasion
Boss Core Magriffy
Devil Square
Double Goer (Doppel Ganger)
Dragon Invasion
Egg Event (Drop de mascotas)
Sistema de evolución de mascotas
Evento Halloween
Golden Invasion (Invasion de dorados)
White Wizard Invasion
Evento Raklion of Hatchery
Rabbit Invasion
Evento Santa Claus
Evento de Medusa
Evento Loren Deep
Evento Kanturu (Maya)
Evento Kalima (Kundun)
Evento Imperial Fortress (Guardian)
Boss Lord Silvester (Uruk Mountain)
Invasion Goblin Treasure Box
Todas las invasiones estan habilitadas.



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