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Deviant MU 50x Season9.2  (new server – Open beta test – No wipes)  A server for players by players -live admin support and feedback forums
Custom Shops
Starting 1k stats and 5million Zen
Reset level 400
Grand rest – credit rewards 1k  = 2k wcoin
Master Grand reset rewards 2k = 4k wcoin
/offlevel – set up at your spawn and type /offlevel to offline level at the spawn
/offtrade – set up your shop to sell offline
Webshop – buy items from the web for credits
Webshop -  sell items you found in game on the webshop for credits
Earn credits in game
3 tiers of vip with a vip hunting map
Earn credits for votes – and get entered into a weekly credit lottery with other voters
Active admins with events for players with great rewards
Custom hunting spawns added
So much more.. come check it out!  

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